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This is where we give our customers a chance to tell us what they think about our web site. Is there anything you would like to see us offer? Do you have any questions or comments? Our business depends on your satisfaction, so please let us know what you think.

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Or give us a call at (254)889-3815   Please ask for Regina


Here are some of my favorite sites, Lots of good people and helpful information.  Check them out.

Poultry In Your Yards (PIYY) has a message board, coop designs, and an emergency center.  A chat room is also available. Ask a question, it will be answered... People with a sense of humor too !!!


All kinds of pictures of Chickens and information on origins.

Feather Site

Enchanted Empire has: Barred Rock, Delaware, Dominique, Buff Orpington, Black Orpington, Blue Orpington, Black Australorp, Americana, Blue Breasted Red Cubalaya, And Bantam Golden Sebright.

Enchanted Empire

Message board, Shop, Other helpful links, Games, Fun and Contests.  Not only chickens.

Melodious Farm & Feather

For the Young poultry enthusiast in your family.

Poultry Youth

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