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Sno Moon Hatcheries
Heritage Turkeys

Turkeys are a great addition to your farmyard, and can also turn into a tasty and healthy dinner.  All varieties we carry are single breasted and will reproduce naturally.  Turkeys are very curious and love to "help" you when you are doing anything.  We have one hen that is named "Pesky Penny" because she is always around, she even jumps up onto my husband's shoulder when she wants to be petted, it is a sight to see his "parrot" perched on his shoulder !! . Turkeys need a high protein TURKEY STARTER ration  to get off to a good, healthy start.  Minimum order of 15 poults for safe shipping

This is one BIG parrot
here is Penny perched on my husband Frank's arm

We are mostly booked for this year on poult sales. I have very few shipping dates open.  If you are planning on ordering turkeys this year from us, Please contact me soon.  I may still have some hatching eggs available if my hens keep cooperating.
We are also working on getting some new varieties to add to our hobby.  I am looking forward to the addition of Lilacs, Black Spanish, and Jersey Buffs (if the eggs cooperate and hatch).

A pair of Royal Palms

Small compared to other breeds, the Royal Palm tom is 15-20 pounds and the hen is 10-12 pounds when mature.  With its striking color pattern it is a beautiful bird.

Blue Slate Tom

Medium sized turkey that is pale grey to blue. The toms average 20-25 pounds with the hens 18-20 pounds at maturity.  The different color shades make each bird an individual.

Heritage Bronze Tom

The Bronze turkey is the type of turkey the Pilgrims first saw when they came to the new world. With its rich green black, bronze appearance it is sure to make for an interesting conversation piece.  As the bird moves the sun shining on its feathers create beauty. They are a medimun sized bird.  We have a limited number of them so orders are maximum of 5 per order. 

Sweetgrass Hen

The Sweetgrass is a very rare variety that is medium sized and strikingly colored.  Toms average 22-27 pounds and hens are 20-22 pounds at maturity. Not found in many hatcheries, we offer a limited supply of 5 per order at this time.

Bourbon Red Hen

The Bourbon Red is a beautiful bird with its contrasting colors of a rich mahogany/chestnut red with white wings and tail.  It is a medium sized turkey with toms weighing in at 20-25 pounds and hens at 18-20 pounds at maturity.

A Very Young Sweetgrass
Never Too Young

A 10 week old Tom proves the saying, "You are Never Too Young"  Here he struts to show the "Big Boys" he has what it takes to be a Tom.

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